No longer do you have to worry about slipping on the foot bar when you are doing exercises on the reformer. Or falling off the Cadillac or chair. Now, with your Toe Sox, you have that added control.

While you are practicing your Contrology with your ToeSox on, you also get the added bonus of being able to allow your toes to spread, naturally. Most of us leave our toes so scrunched up in socks and shoes all day that they very much deserve this liberation. Reawaken your feet. Wiggle your toes and get that blood circulating. Toe socks also help strengthen the muscles of your feet allowing for overall better balance and posture.

Last but certainly not least, ToeSox feature a horizontal stripe at the metatarsal head which is a great visual cue to proper foot alignment during Pilates, Yoga & GYROTONIC® workouts. Your instructor will appreciate this. Itís a quick way to check your foot alignment and readjust as needed.

ToeSox are made with 100% Organic cotton to show respect to the environment.


The five toe unisex design promotes toe strength and flexibility by allowing independent movement of your toes.

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- Patented Non-slip Sole
- Five toe design to spread your toes
- Hygienic alternative to bare feet
- Great travel companion
- 90% Organic cotton & 10% spandex

Half-toeColours: Half Toe
Purple Stripe
Green/blue stripe

Full toeColours: Full Toe
Blue stripe
Brown stripe

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