16 Office friendly exercises
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DVDs are available at the
Katya Kinski Pilates Studio
at R99 per copy. It can also be mailed to you by registered mail at R160 including postage, packaging and handling).

Whether you are already a Pilates devotee or have never done it before, Katya Kinski, one of South Africa's top Pilates instructors and a former Russian ballet star, makes Pilates more accessible to everyone.

Katya brings this effective technique to your workplace, in the form of an easy to follow and surprisingly challanging workout, specifically designed for your lunch or tea-break.

The exercises in this programme will help you to be more aware of your sitting posture, reduce stress, loosen stiff joints, strenghten the core musculature, improve circulation and reduce mid-afternoon slumps.

Now you can do Pilates without leaving your desk, it will help you save time. and best of all, you will not become the centre of unwanted attention in your office while performing the exercises.

For corporate orders contact Katya Kinski:
Mobile: +27 (0)83 235 6238