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PilatesAfrica Portal
The Official Body Control Pilates Manual
Authors: Lynne Robinson, Helge Fisher, Gordon Thomson
            & Jacqueline Knox MCSP SRP
Published by Macmillan ISBN 0333 78202 X
Sarah Key's Back Sufferers' Bible
Author: Sarah Key
Published by Vermilion (London) ISBN 0-09-181494-4
The Anatomy Coloring Book
Authors: Wynn Kapit & Lawrence M. Elson
Published by Addison Wesley ISBN 0-06-455016-8
Manual of Structural Kinesiology
Authors: RT Floyd EdD, ATC, CSCS & Clem W. Thopson Ph.D, F.A.C.S.M
Published by WCB/McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-115584-8
Anatomy Trains
Author: Thomas W. Meyers
Published by Churchill Linvingstone ISBN 0443 063516
Overcome neck & back Pain
Author: Kit Laughlin
Published by Simon & Schuster (Australia) ISBN 0-7318-0601-8
The Little Pilates Book
Author: Erika Dillman
Published by Warner Books ISBN 0-446-67827-9
Matt Roberts Fat Loss Plan
Author: Matt Roberts
Published by Dorling Kimdersley Books ISBN 0-7513-4756-6